Yangon, Myanmar, is filled with things to do and sights to see. Check out some Yangon Places below.

To the would-be traveler, I say this: Explore Myanmar. Southeast Asia’s second-largest country is home to some 50 million people with 5 million of those calling its largest city, Yangon, home. In addition to brilliant religious sites and pagodas galore, a treasure trove of incredible natural and artificial wonders await you. Check out some of Yangon’s best below.

Yangon Zoo
Yours truly snacking it up with the elephants at the Yangon Zoo

Yangon, Myanmar, formerly known as Rangoon, Burma, is the former capital of Myanmar and the largest city in the country with a population of over 5 million people. Though Naypyidaw has replaced Yangon as the official capital, the city still retains its place as the economic capital of the fledgling country. With so much to see and do, this list will grow from time to time. Be sure to check back!

Yangon Places
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Inya Lake
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Yangon Places
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Yangon Places
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